Naka Akira ryu semenawa master class by Isabelle Hanikamu, 18 Sept, London

We are absolutely delighted to have Isabelle Hanikamu performing at BOUND on September 16th (see event here) as she is one incredible performer, rope artist and even more so that she will run a workshop during her stay in London as she is also an brilliant teacher.  If you are into shibari, chances are you are aware of Isabelle’s work,  but, if you for some reason and astrological misalignment have not come across her work, we suggest you check this lady’s work out!

We want to make this workshop special and so we are taking only a very limited number of attendees, 4 couples to be exact, so that everyone can benefit the most from Isabelle’s teaching, knowledge and attention. The workshop will be run at Esinem’s studio in London SE5 were we can provide a very comfortable learning environment.


Isabelle Hanikamu [井佐ちゃん]
Kinbakushi / Nawashi. Japanese rope bondage performer and educator.

Isabelle first joined the Japanese Rope Bondage community in middle age and quickly became involved professionally in said community. She created her school “Kinbaku Gakkō” (formerly Kinbaku dojo Montreal) to teach to people from Province of Quebec. She also continuously travelled over the world, to spread to many her way of playing with ropes. She has performed in North America, Europe, and in some of the greatest places in Japan like Jyohya club, Mitsu mitsu, UBU.

Devoted to Naka Akira style since her beginnings, she met the one who she decided would be her teacher and perfect her skills, early 2014. Isabelle is now one of the very few regular students of 縄奈加會(Nawa Naka kai) and her sensei gave his agreement for her to teach “Naka ryu Kinbaku semenawa” since 2014.

Isabelle’s credo, from Confucius : “Never be tired of learning, or teaching others.”

Isabelle Hanikamu performance at Penelope McQuade TV Show.

The workshop/masterclass will cover: 

The workshop/master class will take place on the Sunday following Bound. 

When: on Sunday 18-09-2016
Where: Esinem’s studio London SE5 9LQ
Price: £120
Dresscode: Anything you are comfortable doing rope in.
Rope & equipment: A set of ropes, minimum 8 lengths and suspension hardware (ring/biners/straps etc)
You will be able to purchase a set of ropes and suspension rings if you need them, let us know in advance.

You can check Isabelle in action on some videos on her Vimeo channel “HERE”

In compliance with PayPal ToS, this event is purely educational and there is no nudity or sexual content.

More about Isabelle: 

Professionally she has been Directing and editing for TV commercials since 1975, she also worked for many movie production and advertising agencies as Artistical Director. This makes her to have a solid expertise on image and scenery creation especially for artistic direction.

Raised in south of France, she moved to Paris for her work in early 80’s. At this time, she discovered rope bondage when editing for adult film industry.

Her odyssey with art and beauty of Japanese rope bondage started when she embraced her strong desire to live the kink inside her. At her early beginning she was driven by the strong desire to be tied, but as no one in her local community was offering “traditional style Japanese rope bondage”, she started self bondage to explore the sensuality on her own desire. This is how she has been asked to tie up other peoples at events. Since then, her life has been dedicated to the Japanese way of tying up people for sensual or sexual pleasure, the beauty of Kinbaku semenawa (緊縛責め縄術 tight binding tormenting rope).

When tying up she is looking for exaltation, love, sensuality, power exchange, and also the beauty of all corporal expressions, feelings and sensations. Being there only for the one she has caught in her ropes and emotional web.

“When I share “moments with ropes” with someone, I feel the power and the desire to make
this person more 
beautiful to my eyes by the full surrender of their will to mine.”


BOUND FREE Class on June-6th with Docvale & Tyka

Alright folks, as per usual we will have a one hour class included with your entrance ticket.  We are very happy to announce that our special guests Docvale and Tyka will be presenting it.

As Doc said he will be covering “His own way in regards to intension in tying”.

Doc’s Intention.. 

When it comes to rope language and communication “intention is everything!”
So, this class is for all levels.  We are looking forward to hear Doc’s way!

The class will start around 7:15, be early and don’t miss the opportunity!!

Remember that Docvale & Tyka will also be performing on stage later on.

For more info and galleries you can check their website:


If you don’t have your BOUND tickets yet you can get them here before they are gone.

For more info on the event you can check here:


See you there!!


Blown away…

Gorgone & Fuoco Bound Feb 7th 2014
Gorgone & Fuoco Bound Feb 7th 2014

We always love when people outside the scene come to check what we do at BOUND and we surely do love even more to when they tell us that they’ve gone home with an experience that has touched them.

We would like to say thank you to Peter Karroll for choosing BOUND as the secret surprise destination for his international guests, and for the fantastic review.

You can read the original article on Mr Karroll’s blog. Simply click here to go to his page.

If you were at the last BOUND we don’t have to tell you, if you’ve missed it or could not make it, well… just keep an eye as we will be posting some footage and photographs as soon as we get our hands on them. Beside being the first BOUND of 2014 it was also a double birthday celebration as both Esinem and Gorgone do celebrate their birthday very close to one another. So to top up the fantastic performances and the live music provided by Quentin Gendrot we did enjoy some  real yummy cakes, and we hope you did too. 🙂

Don’t forget! The next BOUND is on the 4th of April. You can get online tickets from a link on our ticket page or just simply click here.

See you there!


Dr Phil’s London Workshop !

DR PHIL is a French Kinbaku performer and instructor, member of the “Shibari Dojo of Copenhagen” and faithful student of Osada Steve.  Active participant in Japanese bondage groups as a teacher in Ireland, UK and Canada, it is a great opportunity to host one of his workshop here in London. 

Dr Phil’s next London  workshop will take place on Sunday 21 July at “Esinem’s Studio” (Camberwell).
It is possible to book for the morning/afternoon only or for the full day courses.

 – “Variations on TK (Box-tie)” – 10am – 1pm

As we know the TK has many variations, Dr Phil will introduce and teach 3 versions of this tie :
The famous Osada Steve’s (OS), a typically  “old school”  Nureki style’s TK (used by Randa Mai & Naka Akira) and a personal version of the TK elaborated by Dr Phil during his last visit to Japan (surpise surprise !).

An opportunity to go back on this key tie with different approaches and improve your skills.


“From floor to suspension” : 2pm – 5pm

How to build a full tie on the floor and bring it to suspension. Explore the possible transitions and evolutions, focusing on the model’s handling and safety.  Attention to details and few tricks can make the process to suspension easier for both rigger and model.
This class will require some more advanced skills.


Rates  :
(3H) Morning or afternoon only : £75
(6H) Full day : £120

Infos/reservations :



Sneak peek from last BOUND

Here is a little preview of last night’s BOUND with Vinciens & Kenyade, Savalsk & Nina Russ, Miumi-U & Gorgone  and girls blowing their Birthday candles !!

[portfolio_slideshow id=1032]
Full galleries to come soon, stay tuned. Photo courtesy Manolo Remiddi (

Next month it is BOUND’s Birthday, baby has grown up well and reach its 1 year old !

Dr. Phil’s suspension master class: Usubuse tsuri and teppo tsuri

The contents of the workshop would be a continuation of Kazami Ranki’s workshop and the theme would be suspension techniques, attention to details and behaviour. Dr Phil’s reputation is as a rigger technician who focuses a lot on details, precision and safety, so that will be the focus of the programme. He will showcase two suspensions usubuse tsuri and teppo tsuri, time permitting. Kazami Ranki has taught the latter suspension during his workshop but this will be different and use different technical aspects, which give another perspective for students who have been to the previous workshop.
Dr Phil’s website : BondageAddiction.

BOUND welcomes Gorgone

We are proud to announce that BOUND has a new team member, French kinbaku model and rigger, Gorgone.  As you might be aware, Nina and I can be a little chaotic and the prospect of organising the proverbial piss-up in a brewery is something we’d see as a challenge. So, Gorgone is joining the team as an equal partner to create order out of chaos and, as we so often hosting performers and tutors from abroad,  act as our international coordinator.  As she was a driving force behind Kinbaku LuXuria and is very involved in the French shibari scene, she will bring much to BOUND and help extend our network. Of course, she will add French to the list of languages in the team which already includes French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian. This means that we can provide translation for visiting teachers during workshops and for performers.

Gorgone, for those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of seeing her perform, can be seen in the BOUND gallery, on Facebook, her Fetlife profile and on my site. No doubt, we will soon see her also performing at BOUND as a rigger as she is already doing some very clean rope work (see below) and will have Nina and I to develop her skills.