Please note that BOUND closed in 2018

BOUND was a regular event to inspire enthusiasts of Japanese rope bondage (shibari) and increase the awareness of the general public of this increasingly popular performance art and means of erotic communication. The mission of this night was to show that shibari is a million miles from the image that the word ‘bondage’ usually conjures up for the average man in the street or even the 50 Shades of Grey reader.

The team was committed to bring shibari, like butoh, out of the shadows and into the mainstream of alternative art. It attracted international performers and some of the UK’s best new talent. It also provided an environment where skills could be exchanged and a platform for new talent to cut their teeth on stage in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

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It was created by internationally renowned performer and teacher Esinem and artists Nina Russ and Mosaru, in conjunction with The Flying Dutchman (FDL).
FDL is a recently renovated south London alternative arts venue which hosts many notable events including Franko B’s exhibition.

The organisers and featured performers have been involved in numerous commercial and artistic projects including: