We are proud to announce that BOUND has a new team member, French kinbaku model and rigger, Gorgone.  As you might be aware, Nina and I can be a little chaotic and the prospect of organising the proverbial piss-up in a brewery is something we’d see as a challenge. So, Gorgone is joining the team as an equal partner to create order out of chaos and, as we so often hosting performers and tutors from abroad,  act as our international coordinator.  As she was a driving force behind Kinbaku LuXuria and is very involved in the French shibari scene, she will bring much to BOUND and help extend our network. Of course, she will add French to the list of languages in the team which already includes French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian. This means that we can provide translation for visiting teachers during workshops and for performers.

Gorgone, for those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of seeing her perform, can be seen in the BOUND gallery, on Facebook, her Fetlife profile and on my site. No doubt, we will soon see her also performing at BOUND as a rigger as she is already doing some very clean rope work (see below) and will have Nina and I to develop her skills.