The Team


ESINEM - One of the UK's early adopters of shibari having discovered it in the late 90's, teacher, rope seller and event organiser.

“Esinem is one of the very few non-Japanese who could come to Japan and dazzle the locals with his rope.” Osada Steve, Tokyo.

“And if I had to put my finger on my favorite non-Japanese newaza man, it’ll be YOU without hesitation.” Osada Steve, Tokyo. Read more...


Nina Russ - is a rope-artist, who started tying in December 2011, under Esinem’s mentor-ship and also performs as his model. Since then she has attended classes with Kazami Ranki and Kinoko Hajime, two highly respected Japanese nawashi. Being Esinem’s model and student, she attends all his lessons and assists with many of them.

Her experience as a model has been extremely useful in building an appreciation of exactly how rope should feel and many hours of practice are shaping this into practical application, with the help of Esinem. She performs internationally, both as a rigger and model. Read more...


Antonio FDL - is the owner and founder of The Flying Dutchman, London newest venue dedicated to the arts, LGBTQ, kinky events and hosting Bound and many other events as the Torture Garden’s after party.

Antonio has been interested and practicing shibari for more than 15 years. Read more...



MoSaru - Mo is based in London, he has started tying in January 2012 after taking a weekend class with Esinem where at a later class he also met Nina Russ. A friendship was born and a few months later the Bound team was formed.

Mo has attended various events both in London and Europe where he has been studying and working on his skills with various people. To this day he is continuously working on developing new skills and techniques which, Read more...