Mo Saru

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Mo is based in London, he has started tying in January 2012 after taking a weekend class with Esinem where at a later class he also met Nina Russ. A friendship was born and a few months later the Bound team was formed.

Mo has attended various events both in London and Europe where he has been studying and working on his skills with various people. To this day he is continuously working on developing new skills an techniques which, as he puts it,  are not set on any specific school or style but more so on a combination and a mix of the things he likes about each one and the different approaches each of the different schools have which he finds totally fascinating.

You can find Mo at Bound were he also does perform from time to time with his lovely partner Bee as well as other events organised by the Bound team and some general rope events in London.

You can get in touch with him using the above email.