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Email: bruce@esinem.com
Mobile: 07971-266089

“Esinem is one of the very few non-Japanese who could come to Japan and dazzle the locals with his rope.”
“And if I had to put my finger on my favorite non-Japanese newaza man, it’ll be YOU without hesitation.” Osada Steve, Tokyo.

Esinem is a Japanese style bondage (shibari/kinbaku) artist who regularly appears at UK and international events such as Torture Garden, Erotica, Rubber Ball, Wasteland, Boundcon, Nuit Demonia and most recently represented the UK at Japan’s first international kinbaku event, Toubaku. He is also known for his classes, which run regularly in south London, and as co-organiser of the London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage.


Over the last few years, he has been improving his skills in Japan with the help of some of their best known and respected kinbakushi: Yukimura Haruki, Kinoko Hajime, Kazami Ranki, Arisue Go and Osada Steve. Whilst drawing from classical methods, his style is distinctive, blending sensuality and sadism in equal measures, often departing from the typical serenity of shibari shows and flying in the face of tradition to produce some striking and unusual performances.

In addition, he has worked on various videos, artistic collaborations and photo shoots both on and off camera. He contributed to Rope, Bondage & Power, edited by Lee Harrington, created the ‘Japanese Rope Bondage’ tutorial DVDs and is currently involved with a number of documentaries on kinbaku.



• Torture Garden, London, Athens & Tokyomg_5012
• Toubaku, Tokyo
• Ropefest,St Petersburg
• Cirque du Soir, London
• Sleeping Beauty, Tokyo
• Agent Provocateur Pirate Party, London
• Big Bang, Theatre de L’usine, Geneva
• London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage
• Fangtasia, London
• Skin Two Ball, Leeds
• Erotica Ball, London
• Goldsmiths College, London
• LAM, London
• Rubber Riot, UK
• Lovetrix, UK
• Secret Garden Festival, UK
• Pride, Stockholm
• Dark Sabbatt, Madrid
• Wasteland, Amsterdam
• Nuit Demonia, Paris
• Antichrist, London
• Notting Hill Arts Club, London
• Subversion, London• Wicked, London
• Kinkfest, London
• Xpo, London
• Rubber Ball, London
• The Hoist, London
• The Clinic, Amsterdam
• SLM, Stockholm
• Schwelle 7, Berlin
• Fetterati, Madrid
• Boundcon, Munich
• Artful Badger Valentine’s Ball, London
• And many more

Artistic co-operations:

• Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott with Katie Grand, ‘What lies beneath’, LOVE
• Amira Fritz, Giving Ground for A Shaded View of Fashion, Vogue Italia
• Tom Ford, 2013 bondage collection
• Ellen Rogers for Slutever
• Polyxeni Stavrou, The Task
• Jamie McCartney, Brighton Body Casting• Uniform and Franko B
• Patalab, The Lost Space of Stiller
• Manuel Vason:

o .Cent magazine shoot
o Video installation for London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage
o Big Bang, Theatre de L’Usine, Geneva


• Primal Scream, 2013 video
• The Big Pink, Velvet video
• Extreme Pleasures, UKTV Gold
• Wolfmen, Cecile video
• BBC Radio
• CH4aw20120420_sang_bleu_6_bondage_MG_9997 copy_April 20, 2012_-®MaximeBu¦êchi
• O & C Entertainment
• Asphyxiation Films
• Harmony Films
• Sweetmeat Productions
• Maleficent video
• Tianamen, A Deafening Violence video


• Wallpaper
• Forum
• Skin Two
• London Metro
• Time Out
• SM Sniper
• Bizarre
• London Lite
• .Cent
• Desire
• Scarlet
• Tied’n’Teased
• Bondage Magazine (Germany)
• Sang Bleu
• Primera Linea