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Nina Russ, is a rope-artist, who started tying in December 2011, under Esinem’s mentor-ship and also performs as his model. Since then she has attended classes with Kazami Ranki and Kinoko Hajime, Yukimura Haruki, three highly acclaimed Japanese nawashi. Being Esinem’s model and student, she attends all his lessons and assists with many of them. Her passion for rope has lead to obsessively collecting all sorts of bondage photography, especially those by her idol, Norio Sogiura; his photography features Japan’s most respected artists, perfectly capturing her vision of kinbaku. Videos of Masato’s tutorials, Yukimura’s sessions and Osada Steve’s stage shows have been a major influence. Her experience as a model has been extremely useful in building an appreciation of exactly how rope should feel and many hours of practice are shaping this into practical application, with the help of Esinem.

She perform internationally, both as a rigger and model, at events which have so far included: Torture Garden/London, Fetterati/Madrid, Boundcon/Munich, Kinky Salon/London,  RopeFest/St.Petersburg, S&Mpathy at Secret Garden Party/Cambridge, BOUND/London, London Festival of the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage and Cirque le Soir.